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So, it’s Saturday Night and I realised that I still have wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much food in the fridge and I started off by wanting to do this dish, but was putting it off, because I’m not a fan of baking things.

Fortunately for the erm… 3 readers here, and my tummy… I did bake.. and the result was to die for… SO much better than I remembered it to be.

Now, I am a huge fan of Scallop Potatoes. But I always wanted to try or look for this dish, which I had years ago, which was a variation of the dish, with both potatoes and sweet potatoes.

A good friend of mine, W, took me for a treat to the F1 corporate stand in Melbourne, and one of the things they were serving there was the Scallop Sweet Potato and Potato and it was one of the most memorable things I’ve ever had.

Here are the ingredients for the Scallop Potatoes:

Now if you’re like me, and can’t be bothered with all these fancy kitchen utensils (i.e. brushes and what nots), a simple trick is to brush with a small piece of glad wrap 0_0

Voila! The outcome is the same as using a brush

First up, chop up the onion really thinly and then fry it with butter until soft

This is just normal pouring cream whisked together with a dash of Nutmeg, Pepper, and Salt

Then start arranging the potatoes on the base of the dish, scattering the onions on top, and then dribbling the cream. Continue until you run out of the ingredients.

Cover with foil and bake under 200degrees Celsius for around 40 minutes

Take off the foil and continue to bake for another 30 minutes

In the last 10-15 minutes or so, you can put on some Parmesan cheese, which I did!!
And there you have it! An excellent dish that can be used as a side or you can eat as a main by itself…

However, I felt like fish as well. So here we have the ingredients for my Pan Fried Barramundi with Ginger, Garlic, Butter and Lime Sauce

Pan Fry the fish with butter and a little bit of olive oil

Once the fish is done, set aside.
Use the leftover butter and oil to fry the garlic and ginger and then pour over the fish.

Ta-Dah!! Dinner is served!!!!!!!!!!!