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An extremely busy weekend. I have forgotten how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people. Especially family and friends.

We had guests over for dinner yesterday night!! It’s been ages… and I forgot how pleasant it was to have so much food come out of the kitchen from the Boy and having more than 2 people in this house. The Boy cooked up a storm. I missed him being in the kitchen. Reminds me of the good old uni days before everyone left =(

The sun has been shining brightly despite the cold and windy predictions. Or maybe because of the laughter and familiar faces and possible chance of gossip, the cold doesn’t seem so cold.

I have officially been out every single day this past week and it feels fabulous. Next couple of weeks will see me retreating back to my hermit shell… It’s been good.

The Boy cooked up something yummy on Thursday (And I admit I’m lagging), but I took a picture and I’m serving it up here =)

I hunger for what’s on the menu tonight… Hmmmm…