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I feel like I need one right now.. and you can find this drink @ the Long Room on Collins Street =)…

A beautifully sunny day… It’s maddening to find things to do… to try so hard to not talk to the walls… to try so hard to find a meaning to waking up… to find a purpose in life when life doesn’t seem all that shiny and wanting you to find a purpose in it.

Tinymouse and her Boy came to rescue me from my melancholy madness… but it’s only a matter of time before I lose my mind again.

My nice friends are all trying to cheer me up and keep me entertain, but it’s really hard to keep positive when you know they are having more fulfilling lives.

Jobs, friends, family, people around.

The only person I see regularly at the moment, is my driving instructor! That’s telling you something.

I need to get out more and see people… but to do that… something known as the big Moolah needs to come in handy…

It’s a week to feel sorry for myself and to whinge. Yes, yes.. I understand.. I’m alive.. and I should be thankful for that.

However, I live in a depraved society filled with selfish longings and madness. I feel caged in. And somehow, sadly, this is the only outlet I have, and I still can’t say all I want to say.

It’s time to be in denial. Only 9 more days to go to this on-going madness.

Thank God for Masterchef!