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So I journeyed to the underworld.. or some people would like to call it the Aquarium A.K.A. Sea World.. and

We found lots of weird and wacky creations of the universe… why are we so intent on finding aliens out there when there are so many aliens in the deep seas surrounding us?

And so my dear YC, who complained that my blog had too many words and not enough pictures (as the likes of a certain… people are so demanding nowadays.. and also because Photoblog has imposed a 5 picture limit (so I shan’t bother with them anymore), and it’s easier to maintain only 1 blog anyway… here are my pics of the weirdness of the ocean ^_^

Okay. I admit, the penguins aren’t deep sea. But aren’t they soooooo adorable? 0_0!!!
Gentoo Penguins

King Penguins


Leafy Sea Dragon… Gorgeous!! There were other seahorses around, but my camera couldn’t take them without blurring (no flash policy at the aquarium)…

Weedy Sea Dragon

Giant Cuttlefish

“Axolotl, or the Mexican neotenic mole salamander is quite unique. While other amphibians are born with gills as larvae and breathe air as adults, Axolotl retains its larval attributes, including its gills through maturity.”
I took that entire excerpt from Rocketboom Blog, (, a very interesting blog compilation.

They look so cartoonish!

These are transparent fishes, otherwise known as Glasscats. I have no idea in what way they resemble cats though.

A rather small Sea Nettle Jellyfish

This is a moon jellyfish. Which according to Wiki, we have a large amount of them. Which didn’t really surprise me, since there were so many in the tank!

Another shot of the moon jellyfish with a different lighting in the aqurium.

Upside Down Jellyfish!! How funny…

Close up shot of one.

This is an Tassled Angler Fish. A bit hard to spot in the aquarium.

And I just thought this was a pretty shot of fishes in a huge coral.