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So like promise, this is a rather long post (blame the pictures!) on apple pie (the cheaters way)!!!

There are two parts to this experiment, only because the 1st one got a bit burnt (which the Boy happily declared, was the better tasting one)… he’s wrong by the way.


So here are the ingredients. The cheaters way, “Why?”, because I use Supermarket bought Puff Pastry!
I used about 3 large Granny Smiths Apples, 1 lemon, 1/2 sugar (raw brown sugar), cinnamon and nutmeg.
That’s it. Nothing fancy and extremely easy…. Oh yeah.. and butter =)

So yes, I hitched this picture from the last post… (this was in fact the original use of the picture and I “burrowed” it for the supper post =))

So yeah, toss the apples together with all the ingredients… lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg!

Whilst the apples are resting in the juice (so to speak), cut 1 sheet of puff pastry into 4 squares and fold the edges to make a border

What I did, was cook the pastry in a preheated oven of 200degrees Celsius for about 5-10 minutes as I didn’t want an undercooked pastry bottom
And then, I put the apples on top of the pastry and baked it for another 30 minutes (or until the pastry starts puffing out to a lovely golden brown

Like mentioned, I burnt the apple pieces here and wasn’t too happy with the results, no matter what the Boy says!

So we I gave it another go the next day.


Now obviously there was a lot of filling leftover, which I just transferred to a bowl, glad-wrapped and kept fresh in the fridge. I think that actually made the apples more fragrant as it had such a long time to marinade… but.. yes…
So this time, I decided that I’d cook the filling first despite that non-of the recipes said this.

Here it is bubbling and bubbling away. I probably added another 2 tablespoons of brown sugar as I was worried that the lemon juice would make it sour.

Here is the end result, I chucked out the syrup as I wanted it to be fairly dry.

What I did next, was cut a sheet of puff pastry into 8 rectangles this time, and dusted it on both sides with flour.

Then in the middle of each rectangle, I placed about a 1-1.5 tablespoon of apple filling and a bit of butter (about 1-2 cm)

Fold them in half and twist each end of the puff pastry and plac them on an oven tray with foil (dusted with flour) and bake for about 30 minutes (5 minutes resting time) on 200degrees Celsius

This was the result!!

The Boy’s with no cream…. (boring!), but look at the apple filling peeking out to say “Hello!”

And mine with cream!!

YummmMmmm… And I have to say it, it did taste very very very similar to Mc’D’s apple pie!!!!

To which I’m absolutely thrilled with…