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mount Franklin bottles are getting cuter these days. The Boy got that for me from Big W… even after i kept hammering his arm saying I wanted the one with Wall-E on it, and not Eve… *sigh*.. but so cute!!

Update on sickness:

I still feel like I have a fish bone and an ulcer down my throat all at once.

The Boy still has his fever on and off with his running nose.

Silly but really Sweet Moments:

The Boy going to get groceries straight after work (so to spare me from walking out in the cold)
The Boy buying blackcurrant flavoured Lemsip that taste strangely like Ribena with panadol
The Boy waiting 20 minutes at Shyun (local Jap takeaway) for my beloved surprise of Takoyaki balls whilst running a fever *beam*

Kinda makes me wanna hit him on the head at the same time give him a full squeeze… so when one has to choose, he just got a smack on the bum *BEAM*


And everyone is getting sick!! And no one is getting Swine Flu!!!

I really do feel the germs travel via our emails. Ms Tinymouse.. it’s just you… aahahahahah……


Oh yes, and how did I forget to post this up?

The Boy (after some torturous nagging on me from my family members) came home and gave me a hug and said, “You can do whatever you like. Don’t worry about a thing and don’t stress about anything. Just keep yourself happy. I’ll take care of everything!!!”

I love that Boy!!!!!


Happy Birthday Scrat. Hope you’re having an awesome time!!!! Get your ass here quicker!!


Sayonara Ms London… I’m going to miss my fellow foodie and fellow bummer!!! Come back soon!!!!