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Of all things to think about today as I was drifting off in my afternoon nap.

It was that I’m a very lucky girl.

For the past 8 years or so, I’ve had the Boy looking after me and spoiling me whenever I get cranky.

But then, flashback… My Big Sis was looking after me all the years before that.

My Big Sis… although we don’t come from a “perfect” family in the conventional sense (i.e. Father, Mother, Sister, Brother)… I find that our relationship as sisters are better than some other siblings I know off.

I don’t say it often enough, and I don’t like voicing my emotions unless of course I’m angry and someone deserves some bashing, but I love my Big Sis.

I remember when I was in primary/high school and she was in high school/college she would be making sandwiches late at night (egg sandwiches) and I’d come downstairs to “kepoh” and she always offered to make me my sandwich to take to school.

And proudly the next day I’d eat my sandwich in the school telling everyone, my Big Sis made this for me.

Odd and a little out of place when other people either bought or had their maids make it for them.

Or the times when we’d be screaming at each other and fall over laughing hitting each other with pillows and our Mum coming up the stairs screaming at us to knock it off…

The time that I’d follow my Big Sister to the then “coolest and newest” shopping mall in town (Lot 10) and meeting up with her friends was one of the happiest moments in my young life.

The fact that she allowed her bratty little sister to go and rain on her parade was quite beyond me…

The fact that my I forgot my Big Bro was there and I “apparently” stomped on his foot there… C’mon… I was a young kid!! And who knew you’d marry my Big Sis and have such an excellent memory and to use it to REMIND me every now and again???

But I digress… this post is about Big Sis… Big Bro, you’ll get your post another time =)

The time when I use to wear your “hand-me-downs” and the fact that I can’t wear them anymore because I am the size of a monster now, and you’re not… but still try to give me things to wear…(although now they happen to be new things sometimes which you don’t want anymore)

So to conclude my conclusion… I love my Big Sis.. and I remembered about the sandwiches today, because now.. I can cook better than u!! Ahahahaha… but you’ll always make the best Egg Sandwich on this planet, because it was made with love….!!