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So much for being pampered yesterday when the Boy came home.. He came home looking terrible, with a fever and a running nose. Poor Boy… tucked him into bed for a quick nap and I got dinner ready…

All I have is this stupid sore throat anyway…

Today, we are serving Chicken Porridge (The Asian Congee, not the Western Oats and Milk!)

Firstly, I decided to make my very own rich stock. In a big pot, I put in 3 drumsticks, 6-7 red dates, 1 tablespoon of “Kei Chi” (I have no idea what it’s called in English), Finely Chopped Salted Vegetable (Kiam Chai, Ham Choy), Chinese Mushrooms (sliced), 3 roughly chopped carrots and half a brown onion.

And when I was about to serve, I put in two chicken fillets to cook.

In another pot, I had 2 cups of (washed) rice with the stock from the above. (Keep ladling to maintain the 1:3 ration of Rice to Stock.

Once the chicken is done, take it out to let it cool off. You want to shred them.

Once the rice starts bubbling like this, it’s time to turn off the fire and let it rest. Adding more stock to it when serving.

Ta-dah!… Serve with pan fried preserved turnip (Chai Po)… MmMm

This was super tasty and the sick Boy even asked for seconds!.. So I must have done good….

In the night as we were trying to sleep, he decided to start humming… “What Is This Feeling?” from Wicked… except that his tune was stuck on the loop, and he kept going over and over the same verse… which had us cracking up and laughing and gasping for breath…

And.. *snort *snort*.. GOSH!… He exclaim… that’s a sign… of Swine Flu!!… *SNORT* ahahahhahaha… oh Boy… no wonder I’m feeling worse today… :8)