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Ahhh… It has been such a glorious long weekend.

Today we woke up to continue with our Flemington warehouse sale… and I much prefer the Saturday Sales.. seems the stuff I wanted had lost all their sizes.

Dying from hunger, the Boy made a sudden turn to park next to Laksa King! I was ecstatic. It was cold and I was in need of home style food and hot soupy stuff.

The last time we came here was with the tinymouse after cheering the cheerleader.

So I was truly happy. I was getting extremely spoiled this weekend.

I was trying to catch a picture of one of the chef’s measuring with an old school measurement “thingy”. The type I use to see old Chinese herbalist use in old “Medicine Halls”… with metal plates, a wooden stick and strings.

Typical Asian style table setting

I had Assam Laksa… I found it a bit too thick … that can be a good thing, meaning that there was a lot of fish and garnishing. I was happy the provided me with more mint leaves upon request without a frown 🙂

The Boy had “Roast” chicken with Nasi Kunyit (Tumeric Rice). Somehow the chicken wasn’t roasted, and was deep fried!

Extremely overcooked, but I was munching on his chicken bones happily. Poor boy had an aching jaw at the end of the meal.

Maybe it was because they had to work on the Queen’s Birthday, but the quality wasn’t what I expected given the last round I had there. And they didn’t have their famed Fish Head Laksa either.

I’d probably give them a 6 out of 10 based on this round.

The Boy then had a sudden inspiration (I blame the roasted but not roasted chicken) to go and buy some plants to “revive” our garden.

So we drove all the way to Chadstone Power House (Across from the shopping centre, which has Harvey Norman, Officeworks and Flower Power), and found no decent plants. Although even the plants were on discount!

So instead of going straight home, the Boy allowed (albeit with forbearance) me to drive around for maybe 45 minutes in and around Oakleigh and home!!!

Patience is so not his virtue when it comes to me driving *sigh*