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So the Boy spent the weekend watching old James Bond movies, and I mean OLD James Bond movies. He decided to start at the very first, with “Dr.No” (and boy did ‘ol Sean Connery look hot)

I mean, look at him! So classy! The epitome of cool!

George Clooney seems to be trying to emulate the look.

The fact that the Boy thinks all the Bond Women (old grannies) were much hotter than the Bond Girls from this century is a bit disturbing.

But then again, he is in love with Audrey Hepburn. He has all her movies as well…

I think his favourite is “My Fair Lady” since he keeps watching scenes from it. Shhh…

The Boy hasn’t been feeling to well the last few days as well. I put it up to watching 3 James Bonds in a row. He puts it to just having a sore throat because the air is just to dry. Bah!

And despite all this, he managed to cook me a lovely “Spanish Marinara Linguine”.

(Spanish because of the fried diced chorizo bits)