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Sunday always makes me feel sooooo holy!… It’s all this going to church and feeling so goody goody…. GAH… I find that most people that are there are in their own “planet” holy.

Not counting the amount of candles they use, the screaming children, the sniffling people… The rush to take an old person’s seat… What’s the point of praying? When you seem to be accumulating bad karma from your more obvious actions??


It was good today though, with the Symphonia of Melbourne and guests choir. The church seems really stuck on Joseph Haydn at the moment, which is really good. But all the people “whispering”, (I say whispering, but their just really talking softly for everyone to hear) are really rude.

They talk when during the sermon, they talk during the communion, they talk during the singing! I mean.. why? Why do you go to church? I think God tests my patience on days like these.

The Boy decided to take a walk to get his latest issue of “Spawn” and then we had lunch. I had an interesting “Deep Fried Spicy Pork Ribs” dish @ Pancake Dessert House. Really good.

A walk to Big W ventured with a free “Parring Knife”.

And someone (the Boy) ahem, is in denial that he is sick. And no it’s not Swine Flu…