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As we drove along the roads today,
Sounds of Roxette come to play,

“It’s a bright June afternoon,
It never gets dark…
Waa Waa.. here comes the sun,
Get your green,
Your green tambourine…”

8 years ago, we pledged our hearts together.

You promised me forever.

You promised to keep me smiling forever.

Happiness and joy.

We walked all over the cbd today, trying to find a good place to eat. Us being us, we made no plans… and ended up in Chinatown.

It’s not the food, nor the presents. It is enough for me to spend my day with you.

You are bozo… and I am dodo…

We plan to make pizza tonight!!

8 years of silliness.

8 years of craziness.

It can only get better!

I love you thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now “eat sai”!!!