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It’s not really that bad a Monday as most Monday’s goes…

I just felt like dedicating a post to Orgy…

And I had a fantastic lunch. As my Big Sis puts it, and I quote,

“obviously your appetite is not affected by your coughing.”

So for today’s lunch menu, I hastily chopped several things together because:
A.) I was lazy
B.) the Boy said, FINISH the mushrooms
C.) It was in the fridge
D.) I missed breakfast (and yes.. IBF you do always take note that I do miss brekkie!)

These are the said ingredients

Make sure you’ve got the chicken thinly sliced… as you’re only cooking it for maybe 1 minute. I’ve only used 2 pieces of chicken fillets and not the whole breast as indicated in the previous picture.

Heat up some butter (2 tablespoons) and throw in 1 clove of finely chopped garlic.

Put the chicken on the said garlic butter. Add more butter if necessary. I DID!

Once the chicken is done. Plate up. Use the leftover butter and garlic in the pan and fry the mushrooms. Adding in 1 tablespoon of honey when mushrooms are about cooked.

Serve with a sunny side egg!

I also had it with pan fried butter toast. Big Sis said to not “TOAST” it… heheheh.. I took it literally…