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We were planning to have fried rice for dinner anyway.

Sitting around watching masterchef’s Masterclass, just inspired a different version of fried rice that we previously planned.

Changed in a few ingredients, we went ahead to try.

The Boy loves fried rice and always orders fried rice where ever we go. Very weird, and very western… But…

Here is our Masterchef Inspired Fried Rice (we replaced a few things of course).

The ingredients are, snow peas (chopped), garlic, ginger, 1 chili (thinly sliced), eggs, chicken, lap cheong

and fried potato cubes (deep fried), rice (day old rice) and Bonito Flakes (instead of Bonito flakes in a bottle)

We used deep fried potato cubes to replace the “tempeh” which Gary used.

First thing we had to do was fry the egg with pre-heated oil in garlic and ginger (we didn’t have fresh ginger so we used the bottled version.)

Dish out and put aside.

Heat up some oil and fry garlic and ginger until fragrant.

Fry the lapcheong (we used 2) and add in chicken.

Throw in the snow peas.

Throw in the rice and add in soy sauce, dark soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Put in the egg from before and stir-fry continuously.

Turn off the heat and put in the Bonito Flakes.

Serve with deep fried shallots!

I must admit that this was a very different fried rice. But very very interesting and tasty. I will do this again another day. Just a lot of prepping in comparison to normal “lazy” fried rice.