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Ahh… it was a packed venue. Sold out with the only chance via eBay or so the radio DJ announced previously…

I’ve always been a fan of Ms Lily Rose Allen. From her MySpace days to her current twitter bashing on Perez days. She is an exciting person to watch and talented too.

The opening act was alright. Electro Pop band from Sydney. Nothing exciting there.

The the white screen dropped to reveal, Ms Lily and her band!

She started the concert with “Back to the Start” from her new album.

It was really hard to take a good shot, she was moving around so much, and there were a lot of TALL people standing right in the middle of the crowd… sigh… 1 reason why I hate GA’s so much…

She was drinking (white wine) she said.

She also performed her cover of Kaiser Chief’s Oh My God.

This looks like the same picture but it isn’t.

There was a funny point in the concert where she mentioned she could smell cigarette smoke and told the crowd that she was warned beforehand about lighting a ciggy on stage. Apparently it was a $10k fine and after converting it to “English”, was still too heavy a penalty. To which people started throwing ciggies at her to tempt her! It was funny…

She got hot and started stripping!.. Nah…

She ended the concert with the eagerly awaited and anticipated “F**k You!”, which everyone happily screamed/sang along to.

She came back out for her encore, with a new top and performed, Smile and The Fear…

AND ended it with an awesome rendition of “WOMANIZER” by Britney!!!

Other random highlights was spotting Rove McManus amongst the VIP guests, and they were all stuck in their area, as everyone was pushing to exit. Caught a glimpse of Natalie Bassingwaithe as well as Josh Thomas the dude from the show, “Talking about your generation”, and he’s Gen-Y.

All in all, a great performance (Credit to Lily and her Showmanship and ability to sing live!) and a decent venue.