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You threw me the keys. “You’re driving to Chaddy and back today!”

I caught the keys, a mad gleam in my eyes. It could also have been the sickness that has refused to begone! But I like the mad gleam nevertheless.

You grin back at me.

Off off and away we go!!! I reversed parked as well!!! Well done!!!

It was a day for randomness. It was my day to shine!!

I coughed in every one’s general direction. And I didn’t ever get an evil stare back!! H1N1… I don’t think I’ve got the swine flu…

I mean, it’d be kind of embarrassing to get it.. amongst the 20 over million people in this country and I end up being 1 of the (less than 2000) people infected? Nah!!

Down piggiesss… BEGONE!!!!

OooHhh… 2 Large Pizzas for dinner.. and garlic bread!!!

(We decided to try this Encore Pizza. Good Deals.. but maybe because I was sick, I much prefer Pinky’s Pizza… but the Boy says the ingredients used are very fresh… although their garlic bread leaves much to be desired for…)

More James Bond (finally we shall be able to start on Roger Moore now).