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It is so important to me that I am important to you.

That you call me during your lunch time to check on me.

That after my horrendous coughing fit, you woke up to pat me on the head to check if I was alright.

That you make the effort to show you love me.

That sometimes you are the most dense and unromantic person in the whole world.

But… it makes moments like these more precious.

Moments where you tuck me into bed and check that everything I need is within reach (i.e. Big dog… water bottle, mobile, tissue box, book)

When I want to get up after you tell me that NKOTB has been cancelled, so that I can excitedly inform Ms Tinymouse the good news, you tuck me back in and hand me the laptop.

When you are going through so much in your life right now, to have you by my side and having me first in your mind melts me inside.

Would I be as strong for you when you need me?

Will I be able to hold your hand and tell you everything will be alright and that I will take care of everything?

Will I?

I have to try… that is the least that I can do for you.