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I feel, this song by Alice in Chains is quite apt as the title, and only as a title of this post.

The day began a little slower than usual. I decided to forego breakfast as it was late and have a little something that reminded me of home and of my Gong Gong. He always has 2 half boiled eggs in the morning with a cup of kopi-o. He is Hainanese after all.

Because I’m still not quite myself… I had it with mango juice… just a little to amplify the fact that I am not in Malaysia at the moment.

As I plodded along the day slowly, I sent a message to the Boy to ask if we were watching T4 tonight, which he replied a brief, “No”.

Capital Letter No. So I grumpily decided on the night’s menu. Prepared all the ingredients, put the rice on the cooker walk to the table, and ‘lo and behold, a message on the phone saying… “Get Ready”.

*SIGH*.. why why why does he always do this to me… Rushing to keep the food and turn off the rice cooker, changing clothes, the phone rings.

“Where are you? I’m outside!”

Obviously he got an earful from me.

So we got to the cinema and got readied to be “Terminated” ^_^ (It had to be said)

Now, the two main actors in the movie, Batman, I mean Christian Bale and Sam Worthington were mostly covered with dirt, grime and sweat… ooh and muscles…

It had to be said though, Sam Worthington completely… COMPLETELY upstaged poor Batman… I mean Mr. Bale… Any moment in the movie, apart from dramatically waiting for the music tempo to change and announcing, “I am John Connor”, you could almost think you were watching Batman in his training years. A pity.

Poor man upstaged again by an Australian (from Perth!). Will he ever learn?

I liked the movie, despite the many questions left unanswered (to me) and the headache it gave me in the beginning with the camera angles all over the place.

The Boy was laughing at all the wrong bits… I don’t think he enjoyed it much… He was exclaiming “2 hours of my life” over and over at the end of it…

But…. Jeng Jeng My name is John Connor Jeng Jeng Jeng… was a fun movie. Not a great movie. Not even a good movie. But a fun movie… because I could laugh at it… and enjoy… so I was entertained!!

I was wondering why the boy in the movie, “Kyle Reese”, played by Anton Yelchin looked so familiar… and I just got it… He was that extremely funny Russian dude in Star Trek…!!

See, here he is as Pavel in Star Trek.

And here he is as Kyle in T4!!

Dinner was a round about trip to, you got it right, Maccas!!! Yumm… Give me the McChicken in this country anyday… I’ve had a few around the world.. and I must admit, we have one of the best McChickens… yummmm… must be the chickens..