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“MmMmm.. somethings coming over me… MMmmm
Happiness lies, in your own hands,
It took me much too long,
To understand,
How it could be,
Until you shared your secret with me.”

Madonna had something there in those lyrics.

Today I was angry. I was disappointed in myself. And as per usual when I feel slightly depressed and I feel that the world is out to get me, I watched (yes you got it right), the Secret.

Now scepticism aside. No one can fault that law of attraction or positive thinking, which is basically the underlying points of the Secret.


Instead of harping on what went wrong.

Today, I am grateful. I am grateful that I have dear friends who allow me to vent my frustration when I have a bad day. Namely my IBF, Ms Tinymouse and my Gigolo… Thank You!

Editor’s Note:
I have also forgotten to thank a certain Normancook Mambo Crazy fella. He insists that I forgot. Sorry

I am grateful that I have a caring Big Sis, who called immediately to check up on me. Thank you.

I am grateful for a most wonderful Boy. Who not only told me to get a grip, but to also, “Eat Sai. Watch the secret, and become an alien”.

I cannot possibly be upset or negative with all their love surrounding me!!

I still of course want my license. And I WILL get it.

I also want to win $90 million dollars. I want a fulfilling job. I want peace, love and happiness. Oh yes, and I want 10 puppies (although the Boy said that we might need to live in a kennel then).

Am I going to get it. Possibly.

So starting with this post. No more negativity. Shit happens. Deal with it. Move on.

I dish out advice so well, I fail to listen to my great wisdom sometimes.


I am going to have an amazing time, and a rich, wealthy, wonderful life.

Big Smile!!

Positive Thinking everybody. I AM going to be famous, and you will want to be me =))))))))))))))))))) *BEAM*