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Aahh… I love this freedom of waking up whenever I want to and eating whatever I like and whenever I like at home.

I like being able to walk to the kitchen and make tea or any other hot beverage because I can.

I like rolling out of bed and not caring if I had a bad hair day.

I like not having to wear make-up.

I like being able to surf the net the whole day.

I love being able to read in bed, or on the couch.

And these are a few of my favourite things unemployment has given me the chance to enjoy.

What I don’t like… is the lack of MOOLAH coming my way. I don’t like walking into a shop and walking out again because I can’t afford to spend.

I don’t like being a cheapskate when it comes to food.

I don’t like being pitied and treated with false pretenses.

The person who said Money does not make you Happy… must have had a very dim view on life (again, this is my own intepretation and I just want to vent).

But being the puny useless human that I am… I caved in… and bought this Mooks Jacket…. It was on sale!! And they do say that Purple is the new black this year (any excuse will do)

And I found a pretty dress to go with it too. Also on sale from Stussy…

See!! It’s not like I lost control and went on a shopping spree and indebted my credit card at the latest GUCCI sale!!… SIGH… why did I not hear of the Gucci sale??? WHY WHY WHY??? CLutches going for $85!!!…

I want to work. I want money. I want to feed my materialistic self… GOD help me…

Friends are telling me I’m domesticated and living the life of a “tai-tai”!! But who’s ever heard of a poor tai-tai?? Arrgghhhhh….

Me wantssss to shop and eatttttttttttttttttt.

I miss Nobu.