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I have no cake for you, but a giant Pie, placed up high in the sky!!!

Happy Birthday Big Sis!!! Another year wiser as they say… Hope you enjoy your trip to Tetsuya’s tonight!!

My Big Sis… the person who taught me how to play piano. The person that always stood up for me during parental confrontations. The person that stayed up late helping me to my homework. And of course, the person that made me my “Egg Sandwiches

So to you I sing,

“Big Sis it’s your Birthday,
Thank God for giving me a Big Sis,
So that she could chase all my fears away,
Obviously it has not always been a bliss,
But I hope my words are enough to convey,
And our love will never sway,
Come what may,
You will be my Big Sis,
forever in everyway”

It may seem that my poetic skills have dwindled to lame but it rhymes!!