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Just a quick entry.

I had to put this out there.

A couple of days ago, I received an email telling me that I had received a new comment on my Photoblog account. I have no posted on my photoblog for months as I didn’t like the new direction it has taken, but haven’t gotten around to actually deleting the account.

It was interesting. And made me just think. What on earth are people thinking off when they check out other people’s blogs or websites?

You see.. my photoblog started up as a place for me to put up random pictures, but mainly pictures of all the food I’ve had the joy to experience. Just pictures. No comments or ratings.

This one “viewer” left this message for me:

“I have been going to RT Pastry house at Danau Bus. Center at Tmn Danau Desa for the past 3 months. Everything were great except that one afternoon when I brought along my sister to the shop. She has bought the marble butter cake for the first time and it was TERRIBLE!!! She has to throw it, in the end. It cost RM 14.
Why RT Pastry is charging so expensive on this cake and it taste so BAD. Next day, I have complained to the cashier and she just stood there doing nothing. In addition, my neighbor was also complaining on the marble butter cake they bought from this outlet two weeks later. Please, I urge the management to look into this matter…….your butter cake is a disaster and yet sell at RM14. My contact is 012-283-9939. I hope the people out there do not purchase the marble butter cake from this outlet!!”

Somehow I felt that this commentator was taking out her frustration on me. WTF?

Why do people not do proper research? It would save them some embarrassment.