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Be warned that there are a lot of pictures here!!!

So inspired by the previous dish, I decided to modify it and use it for last nights dinner, Prawns… and then some…

So this is last nights dinner process…. Marinate, Chop, Grill, Flying Oil, Hot Pan, Chopping Board, Grill, Oil, Hot, Delicious!

I’ve included more than 1 dish here.. I’m finding myself overburden with the number of dishes and restaurants that I have yet to post and the fact that I eat 3 meals a day (Cook or otherwise), it’s amazing, the number of dishes I’ve accumulated in the process…. I have over 300 food pictures from my last trip back to KL which I’ve yet to do anything about… I swear.. I eat too much, and too many fellow food eaters (restaurant go-ers, friends and relatives) give me wide eyed incomprehensible looks, when I whip up my camera and Shout, “No, Noo…. don’t you dare touch that dish! I haven’t taken a picture!!!”

So much so, that my mummy and popo have taken to yelling at family dinners (even before I do), “Wait, Wait… I-Hua hasn’t taken the picture yet!!”

It gets kind of embarrassing sometimes…. ahahah.. SOMETIMES

But anyways, I digress…. (as usual).. so back to my cooking…

We shall start with the grilled pork:

Ingredients are simple… Half a roughly chopped/sliced Onion and 1 packet of Sliced Pork Belly…

The Boy came out of the room to marinate the pork.. I missed out on this as I was sent away…wtf… I should see as I’m going to be attacked by the hot oil from the griller.. BAH!

He marinated it (after much nagging from me), sweet rice wine, light soy sauce, salt and pepper… (the measurements are “agak-agak” …. wtf… sigh)

I prepared the oil in the griller by adding 2 tablespoons of butter and fried the onions first for some added taste…

Then add the pork and grill to your hearts content.. be sure to not leave it on the griller too long, as the slices are very thin… (But I like my meat burnt, especially if there’s fat involved)

Plate up and eat it whilst it’s hot, or keep it in a hot area whilst you’re preparing other dishes.. (like me ;p)

I also chopped up some brocolli and fried with some leftover oyster mushrooms with garlic, chicken stock and oyster sauce!

Now the Butter Prawns:

I only used about 5 large Banana Prawns… as I wasn’t sure if this recipe would work… AND IT DID…!!!!!!!!!

Coat the prawns with some corn flour (just so the sauce sticks and you can lick and suck the shells to your heart’s content… *nom* *nom* *slurp* *nom*)

Put the prawns on the griller (adding butter), extra tasty, from all the melted pork fat from before *evil grin*

You want to do this really quickly as you don’t want to overcook the prawns…

In a separate pan, bring to heat butter (I only used about 3 tablespoons), and 1 tablespoon of oil…

Dump in some roughly chopped ginger (last minute decision), and chopped curry leaves

Add in 3-4 tablespoons of evaporated milk and when it thickens, add in the fried prawns

Ta-dah!!! Magnificent!!

And because I can, another beautiful picture of the prawns…

Happy *burp* and contented *burp*