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Scrambled around to try and make sense of the noise… Blasted alarm !!…

Zoomed around the house, cleaning and tidying up …. dusting where there was no dust

Ding Dong… !! After all these years.. you’re still the sameeee…

I can’t believe it…but after today, I’ve learned a lot about washing machines… more than I ever want to know!

1000rpms – means it washes quicker, hence saving more energy!
11 spin cycles vs 5 spin cycles
LED display or no LED display…
4.5 star water rating and 4.5 star energy savings = government rebate of $100,

“You were 2 days to late, Mate!”… the deal had ended 2 days ago after a 12 week run…

Chilling and hanging out just like the good old days…

You said you’d probably be late due to the rain… Adelaide boy brought the rain did he not?

You were home!! Lights were on!!!… KOREAN dinner!!!!!!!!!!!

We are getting old, lounging around the living room.. drinking….


reminiscing the good ol’ days gone by….

Don’t worry!! We’ll make more good ol’ days now ^_^


Brunch = Combination Deep Fried Noodle with Seafood and Nasi Goreng
Tea = Spanish Doughnuts and Latte
Dinner = Tofu Twi Gim, Pork Bugolgi, Korean Fried Chicken
After Dinner Drinks = Green Tea and English Breakfast Tea

Fun factor = Priceless 0_0