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Undeniably, when people come to visit my home. Their eyes are drawn to 2 of my larger bookcases.

Why? Because I have a lot of interesting books. I am a collector. I like my books all shiny and new and in the same publishing series.

Which is good. Because I get to steal the spotlight, as no one notices the Boy’s transformers collection. Which happens to be right next to my Eoin Colfer, Harry Potter, and miscellaneous collection (not in pictures, as it’s another bookshelf).

Unfortunately, I have an OCD condition with my books and I will bark at anyone that bends, the book or pages.

Everyone seems amazed at my collections of fantasy novels.

It’s taken me a long time.

A year ago, I lost a lot of precious books to me… Termites had gotten a hold of them in my home in Malaysia, and although I had managed to bring the majority of my collections here, there were many others that had fallen in the tragic circumstances.

The books here that I have, are treated with the utmost delicacy and respect as they have suffered the lost of their fallen comrades.

My Hardy Boys, 3 Investigators, and yes, some Nancy Drew, R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, all gone. Gone.

The new innocent shiny books that I have acquired during my time here in Melbourne are like innocent souls. They don’t understand the pain that the others have gone through. How scarred they are. How scared they are.

And I will strive to keep their innocence intact. To never let them know the fear of fire. Of termites. Of death.