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This is what we learnt to do in class today… Origami frogs and paper planes!! Woot!!

Actually…no, but they were fun ice-breakers and training tools…

I’m sooooo buggered… I can’t believe how hard it is to adjust to the 9-5pm routine.. I know I’ve already mentioned it, but… WOW… it’s tiring… I can’t remember how I managed to do this whilst I was working…

Completely brain dead, I came home to prepare dinner.

I was planning on making siu yuk, but somehow, my brain and movement coordination went out the door, and I made really Salty Roasted Pork… (which shall be used in the next dish).

However, to make salty pork.

You need pork belly.

Rub salt and Chinese 5 spice powder onto the piggy.

Place on baking tray.

And then, I have no idea why, I sprinkled sea salt on top of it!!… Obviously my brain died…

This is the result… It wasn’t actually too bad, as we had it with rice and vegies.. but it was salty!!