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Because it’s Sunday, it shall be all about yumcha and dimsum.

This is where we always go for our yum cha session. Sometimes we alternated with Sharks Fin House (down the road), which is under the same Sharks Fin group, but a bit on the upper end.

However, Big Sis tells me that the price difference isn’t that big a difference. It’s just that House is bigger (4 levels) and poshier with different session times, and Inn is homelier with only 2 levels.

The last 2-3 times that we’ve been to House, it’s been a let down (which is quite dissapointing, as I like House and the Boy likes Inn). I’ve had to endure snide comments of, “See, this place is lousy, Inn is better”.

So we’ve gone back to Inn, and Boy has their service and food improved. I don’t know why.

We were just in time for the brunch crowd, and were ushered into a cosy side room away from the crowd. Sometimes when you are away from the rest of the customers, the waiters tend to forget about you and ignore you, and you’re left sitting there looking at each other with just 1 bamboo steamer in front of you.

Today, we were not only treated with smiles and huge welcomes (they must have missed us), the kept checking in on us every 5-10 mins and insisted on filling my tea cup for me every time it was empty! Amazing!!

Since the Boy has a cough, thus we decided to go full “steam” ahead… *cough* *cough… forgive me ^_^

This was a Scallop, Prawn and Japanese Tofu dish (Tai Chi Tofu Gao)… really really delicious…

This (the Boy hurriedly stuffed one in his mouth before I could snap), is Snow Pea Sprout Dumpling) (Tao Miu Gao)… again… delicious…

Of course, dim sum is not dim sum without Siu Mai.. (Pork Dumpling)

I needed my meat fix… so Pork Spare Ribs (Pai Guat)

Needed to have some Pork & Century Egg congee (Pei Tan Sau Yuk Chook)

Because the Boy ate 2 of everything, except for the Pork Spare Ribs, I was tossing in between a Crispy Prawn wrapped in Bean Curd Skin or Deep Fried Yam (Taro) Dumpling…(I had to finish this on my own)

The Wu Kok (Deep Fried Yam Dumpling) won…

We ordered the Char Siu Pao (Barbecue Pork Steam Buns)… the nice waitress, kept updating me on the status of the Pao…

“Miss, they are making it now”

5 mins later, “Miss, they have just put it into the steamer”

Another 5 mins, “Miss, don’t worry it’s still steaming!”

“Miss your long awaited Char Siu Pao”

After all that wonderful anticipation, I must admit I was let down with the char siu pao.

Something about the sauce was missing… *sigh*

Dessert was…

Almond jelly with fruits (Hung Ngan Tofu)

and the Boy opted for, Tau Fu Fa (What is this in English?)

All in all, I must say, the visit this time round was one of the best I’ve had with Sharks Fin (be it Inn or House)… very pleased… but they are a funny breed, where the service depends on their mood on the day 0_0, typical Hong Kong Chinese Restaurants!

Maybe they were nice because they saw me taking pictures? But it was excellent!

Overall Food Rating: 8/10
Restaurant ambiance: 8/10 (it tends to get a bit noisy, but we were in a secluded room with excellent service)
Value for money: 8/10 (the Bill came up to $43)

50 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
(Between Exhibition & Spring Street)

Tel: 03 9662 2681, 03 9662 2552 (I would say Booking is advisable on Sunday’s, public holidays and events [Father’d Day, Mother’s Day])
Fax: 03 9654 0266

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