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Brrrrrrrrr…. Somehow, I got a chill last night.

Somehow, the covers were pulled onto the other side of the bed.

Somehow, my entire right side was left open to the freezing cold.


Seriously… if I fall sick from this, I know who the blame.

The evil comforter stealer.

Wait ’til he comes home… he’s gonna receive such a huge whack on his head with my smelly “lam cham” bolster… he can cough his whole lungs out… just you wait…


Anyone that takes his side by saying I need to build immunity to the sickness and cold will thereby get a whack on their head as well.

If it’s my Gigolo a.k.a. nerdykid.. he gets a slap on his eyebrow!!!


GAH!!! (That’s my best Mr.Goon impersonation… for the uninformed, Mr.Goon is a police character from Enid Blyton’s 5 find outers and Dog mystery series)

So how is everyone else’s morning today?

I shall now procede to go hunt for some rashers of pig and embryos of flightless birds!