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CONGRATULATIONS Ms Tinymouse!!!!!!!! Here are some Happy eggs for your triumphant return (legally) onto the roads!!!

Terrorise us!! Until of course, I get my license.. but I hope these Good Eggs (I forgot the bacon bits) will get you by the whole of next week!!!!

Well done once again!!!

Now to everyone else, I’ve always wanted to post these up, but you know me… Queen of Procrastination!!

So these biscuits are from Singapore from a bakery called Four Leaves

They have the lightest and most delicious flaky texture of Almond Puff Biscuits I’ve ever had.

Every time my Aunt makes a trip back home to Singapore, she comes back with a packet especially for me!!

I of course, have a few *ahem* and have it for my teatime with my Kopi-O “Kow”!!

Okay, and because it’s random Saturday and my gigolo is ALWAYS hungry (since when also, I have no idea – I apologise for that sentence)… so this food post is for him =)

However, that being said, he’s Mr. Popular now and always with Legs.. *ahem*… so why am I doing anything for him is beyond me.. hmmpphhh

The Boy made this dinner for me a couple of weeks ago, cos I was whinging about not wanting to cook dinner… so he went all Vietnamese on me…

Vietnamese Pork Chop with vinaigrette sauce and shredded veggies

Close up of the pork chop

He also made this very interesting, egg dish… (Something like a Japanese Cawan Mushi, but Vietnamese style), so instead of mushrooms and prawns, there was glass noodles

A beautiful dinner, is it not?
Tasted awesome as well =)