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It’s always a good bet that if you don’t feel like going anywhere else for dessert, there’s always Brunetti’s.

On this occasion, it wasn’t so much that we had planned to go there, but more so that the original place we wanted to go, which was Il Dolce Fredo @ Lygon Street was shut for the next couple of weeks.

Off we tramped into the cold night air, and once again, was not let down by the array of desserts that were set out here.

I was a bit annoyed at two girls (obviously idiots).. who had taken up a table for 6.. and sat… Not even facing one another, but side by side.. giggling and sharing a cup.. YES… 1 cup of gelato… Stupid girls…

That being said, we had a really good time… I had a feeling we were the loudest bunch of customers there…

Laughing and giggling to our hearts content, Oh what joy it is to be surrounded by good food and great friends!!

The Boy settled for some Gelato (Chocolate and Hazelnut I think).. and was delighted that he got a free biscuit to go with it

(He is easily pleased!)

I and the BFF went a bit mad and chose a bit of everything… (On this plate, if memory serves me)

Vanilla connoli, Chocolate connoli, white chocolate almond cluster and err… I know what it was.. it was a dark chocolate filling (very rich) in a white chocolate mold.

The BFF wanted to order more, but I cleverly made her follow me back to our table and told her that if she was still able to digest more food after we were done with our lot, then she could go get more sweets… Luckily for me, she couldn’t!!

She was amazed that she would be filled up with such cute and small (tiny) desserts!

On this plate we had a white chocolate mignon, a chocolate mignon and a hazelnut praline

Ms Tinymouse’s Boy had ordered an apple? pear? slice.. which I insisted looked like a Tarte Tatin

I can’t remember what this was either.. gosh my memory is like a sieve!

The BFF’s Man got a Tiramisu (very creamy and smooth) and some other goodies…

I know for a fact that we managed to try all three different types of cannoli (Ricotta, Vanilla and Chocolate)

And to top it off nicely, he also had an espresso.. which came with it’s very own cream jug!

How to get there:


198-204 Faraday St,
Carlton VIC
Phone: (03) 9347 2801

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