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Awesome to see Katy Perry live again.

The first time we went to see her was last year (2008) and she was doing a promotional tour.. which meant.. sucky venue and not many people aware of who she was… (this was in the early “I Kissed A Girl” stages)… and it was at the Prince’s Bandroom in St.Kilda…

Fell in love with her quirkiness then and been waiting for her to return down under…

The bar staff had fun with their tip signs… with another one reading, “Tip me and you will wake up in Vegas!”

The backdrop to her stage…. full of pink, flowers, and flamingo’s

She ran out on stage. Electric performance of Fingertips

She’s so hyper.. and still has a really funny sense of humour.. great PR, as she keeps engaging the crowd.. (unlike some other artist.. *cough* Avril Lavigne *cough*)

This time round, she played the guitar on quite a few songs, and led on acoustics for Thinking of You

Towards the end of the night, a very short encore/ intermission of 5 minutes, Kitty Purry popped up on stage!

She ran out with a really hot pink err… pant suit… and had a mask on…

Allowing the crowd to sing along to one of her songs…

Ending the brilliant electric power charged night with a cherry chap stick I Kissed A Girl

And for the curious, she performed every single song on the album, sans I’m Still Breathing (I really don’t remember her performing this, but then the night passed by so quickly, and my memory is a sieve)

And she did two covers… one which was really cute and funny… Mr. Postman and another from Queen.

All in all a great night.

Oh and Rove McManus was sitting int he VIP section again…