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Ahh.. this was meant to be up last week .. but a bit of this and a bit of that.. this concert post ended up here…

This is my 2nd Pink Concert.. and I hope I get to go to many more… absolutely the best!!

Went a bit late and only caught Evermore midway through… and apparently I knew more of their songs, than originally thought…

This group of family caught my attention =)

Waiting and waiting and waiting… Day 16 of her Melbourne run of the Funhouse Tour

She flew in (literally)… to a magnificent start

Check out those abs!!!

And that ass!!

It was hard to catch a good shot of her, as she was moving around so much… but it was awesome!!

Costume Change!

Another costume change and a slow blue version of Family Potrait.. which I loved

This time round, she actually played a bit more on her guitar and remembered all the words!!

Must be the fact that she’s had this concert for 2 months… hard to get it wrong I suppose.

Close up shot

Pink doing her death defying trapeze act (okay, it wasn’t so death defying, but it was still pretty cool!)

Costume change again!

Jacket off, and an added feather bottom… singing to FunHouse

Sang her little heart out!

Crazy stage dancer’s and rocker chicks performing circus acts…

It was a spectacular night, worth every penny and a testament to what concerts should be!!