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I’m cheating!!! I know I know!!!

And we got a beautiful bottle of Pinot Gris (White – Late Harvest again), from here, which we have yet to open…

Will wait for the BFF and her other half to return from Brissy =)

Here are some snapshots from the weekend!!

Yering Station Winery (it seems to be one of the most popular ones)… I came here about 6 years ago? Geez.. time passes by quickly…

the Boy reflecting on the art pieces around the tasting area

The tasting area!

Me, being caught being an idiot!!

There was a spy following us from behind!

Once the paparazzi was spotted.. Strike a pose!!

Being tortured for striking the pose!!

Hazards from being famous.. try not to hang out with murderous best friends who strangle you with your own scarf!