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The Boy’s spectacular Strawberry and Vanilla Pana Cotta

Absolutely delicious, rich and not too sweet!

Heat up about 200 ml of thick cream

With this Vanilla Bean paste, you won’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of moolah on vanilla pods/beans… this works even better as it’s concentrated vanilla essence and beans…and it’s only $10 for that jar

Add into the hot cream mixture about 1/3 of a teaspoon (you don’t need much)

Start slicing up some strawberries

As we didn’t have any jelly mold, the Boy resorted to chinese tea cups

Place a sliced strawberry onto each tea cup base


Pour the vanilla cream mixture onto the Gelatin and stir until it has a smooth consistency

Pour into each tea cup and garnish generously with strawberries

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours

Turn them out onto a serving plate (the Boy had to immerse the bottom half of the cups into hot water as the pana cotta was stuck)

Garnish and serve…!