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I looked at the Boy in disbelief, “That’s not cous cous!!”

He showed me the bag, “See, it’s cous cous… Toasted Cous Cous to be exact!”

“But it’s not Moroccan!”, I tried to argue.

Too late… dinner was being prepared, too late to go and get the real cous cous now…

Take 1 chicken breast and marinate it with chopped garlic, chopped chili, paprika, mixed herbs, salt and pepper to taste

Chop garlic and onions

Chop a carrot and a red chili

Chop a couple of stalks of kale (kai lan/ Chinese broccoli)

Sweet sherry

Fry some slices of bacon and set aside

Stir-fry some garlic, onions, carrots, chili and top it up with half a can of chopped tomatoes and sweet sherry (to taste)

Add the remaining carrots and chili with the cous cous and cook with chicken stock

On a heated pan, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and fry the chicken breast whole

To serve, slice the chicken breast in two (after allowing it to rest)

Serve on top of the cous cous, and garnish with bacon and the tomato sauce…

Another one of the Boy’s brilliant experiment (hence the lack of proper measurement)..

I’ve been slacking off due to work, and taking a break from the kitchen =)