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Bzzz… my phone vibrated in my bag…(get your mind out of the gutter)

It’s the Boy. Message read, “Get a whole chicken.”

Perplexed on the way home. People on the train were ignoring each other as usual.

“What chicken? Raw? Roasted?”


And this is what entailed. He felt like roasting a bird. It’s the first time we’ve roasted anything, so it was fun whilst it lasted.

We used the leftover cous cous from the day before…

Fried some bacon rashers (roughly chopped), boiled 2 patatoes, and melted some butter (50g)

I cut the rinds out of the remaining rashers (4 pieces) again, that depends on your chicken and how big it is…

(The rinds, we marinated with salt and popped it into the toaster.)

Get 1 whole chicken!

Stuff it with lemon thyme, fried bacon bits (from before), toasted bacon rinds (from before), chorizo, whole garlic cloves (smashed with skin on)

If you have some string, you can tie the legs up together. We didn’t, so we ended up using some wooden skewers instead… worked fine =)

Prepare a platform for the chicken.

Pat the chicken dry (that’s the key!)

Baste it with the melted butter

Drape the bacon rashers around the chicken

Place the patatoes on the surface and pat dry as well. Baste with butter.

Pop it into a pre-heated oven. We cooked if for 1 hour (about 180 degrees), with the 30 minute interval to baste it with butter again.

Take it out, and allow it to rest.
(I’m not sure if you can see it, but the circular patters on the bottom of the chicken, are actually chorizo slices that the Boy pushed in between the chicken and the skin)

Leftover cous cous…

Once the chicken has rested, cut it up into 4 pieces

My beautiful dish!!

The Boy’s!

Works out fine, as he likes the top half of the chicken, and I love the bottom half…

Delicious, and we’ve got 2 more pieces for tomorrow’s dinner!! The Boy has out done himself this time…!!!!!!