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I had to do this again.. this time with the right baking dish…

And it was a special request from the BFF.. and ms Tinymouse.. (even though she wasn’t around to have any)…

Ms Tinymouse dear, there is still half a loaf in my fridge, awaiting your tastebuds… the BFF’s had a slice each and flew off… alalalala..

Banana Bread!!! It’s different from the one before.. as this is the proper shape =)

1/2 cup of Milk

2 eggs.. Beat them, they are naughty eggs…

Smash the almonds. Because they’ve been bad..

1 3/4 cup of Self Raising Flour

1/4 cup Plain Flour

Bring together in a bowl with 2/3 (packed) brown sugar and 1 tsp of cinnamon

2 medium-over riped bananas

Mash them well!!

Heat up 50g of butter in a pan

Brush the loaf pan with butter

Line it with baking paper

Mix together the dry ingredients

And mix the banana mixture with the wet ingrediets (i.e. milk, butter)

Bring together in one large bowl (Mix well)

Place it in a pre-heated oven of 180 degrees for 45 minutes