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I can’t believe that I haven’t even log on to read any blog postings from anyone nor put up any postings myself for over 2 weeks.

Seriously, I am not even bother to back track on posts and will just move on from this date.

My life has been a steady roller coaster and all I want to do by the time I go home is just sleep!!!

Many exciting foods have been eaten and have been planned for the next few weeks.

A trip back to KL is also in the works in December (as well as a side trip to Egypt *fingers crossed*)

Will try and put up as many postings as I can this weekend, as it seems pretty quiet.

Ms. Tinymouse.. you are just as slack!

Fashionista – I haven’t cooked in 2 weeks!! Can you imagine that?! No experiments for my little goddaugther just yet… *sigh* I am a lousy Godmother.. wish I was a fairy, then I could sprinkle some fairy dust and everything would be done….

Tra la la….

Work sucks…!!!

Life rocks!!!

I’m still alive… albeit.. barely…

Toodles for now.. o blogosphere and my 5 readers or so… =)