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On one of the rare beautiful sunny weekends that visited Melbourne, the Boy decided to enjoy the sun.

We were attending the Home Buyer Expo at Melb Exhibition and decided to go have a bit of lunch and sun at Crown (casino).

The Boy wanted to try Giuseppe… but I figured that it might be too expensive, and passed on. Plus I wanted to enjoy the SUN!.. and not sit inside, tucked away in a dark restaurant!

I wanted Greco’s, but he wanted to try something different.

Surprisingly, we’ve hardly ever tried any of the cafe’s located at Crown… and decided to give Cervo a go.

They had the usual cafe styled menu, but we went in because they had lunch specials.

Considering that it was 4pm, we just made it!

Service was exceptionally slow…

Late afternoon, where customers are just enjoying a drink or a light snack… our food took almost 40 minutes to arrive!

As you can see, the place was pretty empty!

There were 3 cooks in the kitchen that I could see. 3 Waiters and 3 bar staff, and yet the wait was long!

The Boy ordered a Chicken Risotto, which turned out really nicely.

I ordered a Lamb Salad (40 minutes for this!), which was merely passable.

Edible, good, but not anything special.

The French fries ($6.90) were good. Lightly salted.

When I asked the waitress if they had any sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, she looked at me blankly, and replied, “We don’t do that sort of thing here”…

Sigh… good effort, but could have been way better. Considering it’s located in Crown Casino, tourist, gambler and explorer destination!

Overall Food Rating: 6/10
Restaurant ambiance: 7/10
Value for money: 6.5/10


Crown Ground Level, 8 Whiteman Street

Southbank, VIC 3006


Tel: (03) 9292 7824

Fax: (03) 9686 1488

Email: [email protected]

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