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You Can Do It! You will Pass!!

(that was made by the Boy)

That was what I woke up to in the morning. I had my drive test today.


I am officially on my Green Plates!!! Lalalalalalaaaaaa…

I texted several people on this…

Ms Tinymouse and Babycakes called me immediately…. Ms Tinymouse, telling me how wonderfully proud she is of me and Babycakes declaring, “oh No! Another mad Asian on the roads!!!”

The Boy: “See!! I told you. Congrats!”

Big Sis: “Congrats! I’m so glad 4 u.”

Mum: “Ya. Gd. Congrats. U hv 2 drive now n then, if not like che. haha”
(My mother makes her own abbreviations which provide many hours of good fun deciphering her coded language sometimes)

Gigolo: “Oooo! Chun. Can let u drive now while I relax”

IBF: “YewNewflash: Melbourne road accident figures UP for 4Q09!!”

BFF: “You already are a menace on the roads! CONGRATS! Remember, the second time is always the charm! 🙂 So proud of u! now u can drive ME AROUND 🙂 hehehe!”
(so sweet yet so demanding at the same time!)

Dapeng: “Congratsss!!! Vroommmm!!”

LX: “OMG. GG. Stay away from the CBD!”

Fantasticnya my friends. The feeling was wonderful. The whole time I figured I was going to fail again.

But I DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even the Devil Spawn was encouraging.. although it did add in another comment to not drive in the Northern/West suburbs… *sigh*…

I follow speed limits okay! I’m not a HOON!!… Yet*evil laughter*

To celebrate, I made myself a huge lunch of lamb chops, long beans and toast…. and went to have a long nap =)