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Wiki travel has it that the “Mermaid of Alexandria” is a local legend frequented by both Durrell and Cavafy, but alas, it has fallen far since its glory days. The views are still amazing, and the Greek motifs in the gilded friezes and stenciled frescoes give some character, but the food is, despite the Greek names on the menu, almost entirely Arabized: order souvlaki and you’ll get kebab.

Athineos probably means from Athinaio… a Greek village

Nowadays, busloads of tourists are it’s main clientele.

Fluffy buns as well as Egyptian breads…similar to tava bread

Standard sides to go with the breads and main meals…chickpeas and tzatziki (I can’t get enough of it!)

Hommous and lightly spiced patatoes (cumin and tumeric methinks).

Spiced tomato soup, which once again failed in the category of soup. Coloured hot water might be a bit better in describing this… I don’t know what it is with this country, but I can’t find decent soups here! Rice, Yes! Meat, Yes! Salads, Yes! Soups? HELL NO…*sigh*

Madam Mummy’s fried fish served with delicate rice (buttery and fragrant)… this was probably the best main meal in the trip.

Big Sis and Mine’s grilled chicken. Compared to yesterday’s lunch at Luxor’s El Hussein, this was fabulous! Delicious, marinated well… not too happy with the peas tho.

The Boy’s meat platter.. which consisted of grilled chicken (same as the above) and beef kofta… so dissapointed that it wasn’t lamb… since I love lamb kofta…

Boy said it was nice.. so… yum for him!

Overall Food Rating: 7/10
Restaurant ambiance: 5.5/10 (very smoky and we were herded to tables like cattle)

Athineos, 21 Saad Zaghloul Sq (on the Corniche, near the Italian Consulate)
☎ 03-4860421