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Now for the final installment of the Egypt tour. I leave you with 2 food reviews. Basically that’s what we did before we left Egypt. We ate.

Thank you Egypt for the memories.

Thank you Dr.Farag for being the best guide we’ve ever had. Thank you for being a great teacher!


Day 8 – Dinner at Taj al-Sultan (near Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, and right across the Al-Hussein Mosque)

A nice quaint spot to have our “last supper” with Farag.

Standard buffet again, last chance at all things Egyptian tasting… (get your mind out of the gutter)

Beetroot and Tzatziki.. can’t get enough of those two.. I might have found a new craving just right there!

Last Egyptian bread…


Day 9 – Final Meal – Yuan Shan @ Cairo

Don’t buy the breads on the streets?

Our first Chinese meal in the whole trip and our last meal of the trip…

For some reason, we were very early.. 10am (had to catch the plane), and thus, we had to access the restaurant via the fire escape.

Typical Chinese decor in a foreign country.

Very China-esque…

They even have a waiting room dedicated in selling souveneirs! How very enterprising the Chinese people are… 0_0

Chipped bowl aside, their food was okay. However being the first Chinese food we’ve eaten in 2 weeks, the entire tour group was ecstatic. Tears of joy from some uncles…

Chilli!! And very spicy!

Soup… tomato and egg

Fried Fish… this was really nice, although the fish wasn’t very meaty, given we were sitting in a table of 11.

Vegetable dish 1 – cucumber…

Vegetable dish 2 – Cabbages

Vegetable dish 3 – Lettuce

Chicken boxing (Yum!) I had about 4 people’s share…

I missed out on 3 other dishes, one which was stir-fried beef, and 2 more vegetable dishes… meh

And that’s it…. Egypt trip – concluded!

Thank you for your patience!