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Okay here we go… the next 10 posts or so (depending on how many pics I choose to upload… might be more) will be dedicated to my recent trip to Egypt… I actually kept a diary of our daily exploits on little scraps of hotel paper.

It was a 10 day (7 night) + 1 night in Bahrain tour which cost approximately RM7k (+- a few) with GTT (Golden Tourworld Travel).

I’m only giving this information out as people might be interested and this was an excellent tour =)

Here we go… please bear with me… there are food pics too!

A hit and run stop, Bahrain seemed pretty ordinary to myself. We stayed courtesy of Gulf Air in Days Hotel, in Manama =)

This is the famed Sheikh Isa Causeway Bridge which they keep advertising in the Visit Bahrain ads =)

First meal of the day… McDonald’s! How typically American… but seriously, we arrived on the National Day so everything was closed… All the cars were jazzed up patriotically with music blaring from the speakers…

People in Bahrain didn’t seem to friendly despite their stamp on my passport saying “BUSINESS FRIENDLY” in capital letters… (I’ll add that picture soon)

WE had to try the local menu.. so we ordered a McRoyale, McChicken and a Spicy McChicken…

My Spicy McChicken… which was spicy!

The Boy’s McRoyale… which he said was okay… nothing fantastic.. just sweet sauce =)

So a quick walk around the area and back in the hotel… sorry for the lack of pictures in Bahrain.. really nothing much to see and the people glare at you here…

Our tour group is huge!! 31 people in total… they seem like a good mix of people… minus a few iritating speciments, which the Boy later dubbed “Destroyer of Peace”

Summary of names we came up with on our long flight:

Big Sis – Disturber of Peace
The Boy – Keeper of Luggage
Madam Mummy – Durian Slayer

Obviously lack of sleep =)