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I’m taking a break from the Egypt post to wish you all a very belated Happy CNY and Happy Val’s Day =)

It’s belated because, today is actually the 18th of Feb, but I’m so backlogged on my postings, that I’ve only now managed to catch up to the 14th of Feb… and since I have yet to make any wishes and greetings on this prosperous day… I shall do so now…

Also, because it’s only Day 5 of CNY, and we have another 10 days to go =) One is never to late to wish everyone a happy, healthy year filled with joy, hope and laughter.

It’s also a year to pray for the best, as I am again in between jobs and I’m praying work will come my way soon.

The Boy’s father’s cancer has returned and has been given 6 months to live, so we are also praying for another miracle.

My father has been talking to me after a lapse of many years, and I’m at a lost of how to deal with him.

An uncle is sick and recovering from a terrible illness. He is out of ICU and we are all thanking God.

Several relatives on the Boy’s side are going through tough times in regards to health… cancer is a terrible disease.

A close friend is ending her long term relationship with her other half.

But not all is doom and gloom… there are many bright sparks coming up this year.

My BFF is getting married in July, and I’m over the moon.

Two close girlfriends have recently gotten engaged as well, and will prob be tying the knot early next year, 2011.

I’m keeping myself happy by eating and blogging about my eating adventrues (amongst other mundane tasks).

So… skip the gloominess… I just want everyone to live long and prosper.


Note: Lion dance pictures were taken on the first day of Chinese New Year in Melbourne’s Chinatown (little Bourke Street) and the temple picture was taken in Springvale (south eastern suburb in Victoria).