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“Why didn’t you take me to this place?”, I questioned Ms Tinymouse when I saw her sister’s post on Le Petit Francais… (To read more about their experience there… visit Melbourne Munchkin’s blog) *bleik*

“Les poisson, les poissons,
how I love les poissons,
love to chop, and to serve, little fish.
First I cut off their heads,
then I pull out their bones.
Ah mais oui, ca c’est toujours delish.

Les poissons, les poissons,
Hee hee hee, hah hah hah.
With the cleaver I hack them in two.
I pull out what’s inside.
and I serve it up fried.
God, I love little fishes, don’t you?”

Tinymouse: YOU (in capitals), YOU said, you didn’t like crepe’s and that only your brother in-law likes them, and your sister learnt how to make them for him!

Me: *sheepish*.. I guessed I must have said that, otherwise, you wouldn’t have known that fact at all… *geez*… you win tiny tot… you win!!!

When we finally did get to Le Petit, I was suddenly seized by a crazy Disney song (one of my favourites really)… and this was playing in my head the whole time… I held back, lest Ms Tinymouse think I was crazier than usual… she already know’s I’m crazy… any more and she might run away (then again, maybe not).

They have a nice 1 page menu… which helps… and even then, it took me more than 10 minutes to decide what I wanted =P

The interior of the place is airy, bright and cheerful… and again, the song comes into my head… no reason at all… nothing that triggered it except that it was French… no fishes anywhere at all…

I really <3 cafes and restaurants that have blackboards on their walls… quaint to me =)

Many people came in just to get coffee from the very chirpy french waiter/barrista

Now I’m not usually a fan of crepes… but when this arrived on the table… my mouth was watering… (the only crepe that I usually eat is the one’s served in Pancake Parlour.. yes, yes… the atrocity!)

Voila… it has gruyere (cheese), caramelised onions, ham… and I added mushrooms (apparently you can add whatever you feel like, and they will include it for you… with an added $1 per extra)…

I can’t remember what my order was called, but it was the one with the original price of $9 (it’s the only one that is $9 on the menu)… so we’ll call it the number 9.

And I am now, a happy Crepe convert… feed me more please *nomnomnom*
Overall Food Rating: 8.5/10
Restaurant ambiance: 8.5/10
Value for money: 7/10 (It is on the pricier side of food)


307 Toorak Road
South Yarra

Tel: (03) 9826 3830

Website: Le Petit Francais

Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 10am-3pm, 6pm-10pm

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