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Aight! This dinner in Crown Palace took place during the 7th day of Chinese New Year (FORGIVE ME… I am forever slow)…

The 7th Day is also known as “Yan Yat” (in Cantonese), which literally means, “Everybody’s Birthday”.

The shot below has nothing to do with food, I just loved how red my dress is and how I was the ONLY one in red!! *sigh*

Crown Palace does a wicked Garlic Prawn Cracker… *yum*

The restaurant, as you can imagine, being CNY… was packed and extremely filled with noise, crying (from babies) and laughter.. typical!

And then…

So… “When are you two getting married?”

*Cringe*(please stay away from me and stop asking me stupid questions!)

Delectable oysters with two different sauces

Family gatherings in particular those with aunties and uncles that want to know a lot about you now, when they couldn’t care less in the past is something that happens to every family (every Chinese family at least), I feel… and CNY is a time to reflect and wonder why, we keep up with those traditions? Fear? Love? Respect?

Tradition in the Boy’s family here to have Lobster noodles… a variation of the Sang Har Mein

Somehow, I feel that this year, being back in Melbourne (Although I did just spend a very nice 2 months back in KL), that I’ve come to question a lot of traditions, culture and the reasons why we (Chinese/Malaysian/Asian) act in certain ways.. or should I add, have to act in certain ways.

Look at the beautiful Lobsters

Recently, Madam Mummy sent me a message saying, “Please don’t be a Bridesmaid for more than 3 times, else you won’t be able to get married yourself!”

To which I nearly replied, “What about 27 dresses??”.. or “Are you implying the Boy and I will not last?”

After nearly 9 years together, I’m still getting silly advice…


Four cuts of meat and Jellyfish (Pork, Chicken, Chinese Sausage)

I also forgot to be a vegetarian on the first day of CNY this year… and did I get any bad omens? Well, my year can’t get any worse than it already has been, right? *fingers crossed*

Braised shredded scallop with vegetables

If a girl/woman does something that isn’t acceptable by social norms (Asian norms), such as, dating a foreigner (not Asian), has she really brought shame to the family?
What really do the parents have to do with it? Do they have the right to threathen to disown her?

Roast Chicken with plum sauce

Maybe we, people in general, should be more open minded and be more accepting of others. How else can we achieve peace?

I’m sure the men who set up the ground rules of religion never said, “Ostracise those who are different from you. If they don’t follow/believe in what we believe in, we shall make them pay for it!”

I highly doubt that was the case.

Seafood basket of scallops, prawns, macadamia nuts and snow peas

So let us all be more open and caring. More accepting and forgiving. We can all learn from the past and be happier people. It is only when you are forever angry, forever complaining and forever unchanging that the world moves too quickly away from you, and nothing ever goes your way.

Braised mushrooms, sea cucumber and vegetables

Maybe I’m going through some melancholic mood… or possibly entering depression (I’m not really… it’s the dark cloudy sky!), but today, I just felt like venting…

Steamed Barramundi

Life is hard… and amid all the problems that surround us, keep happy. Something small will give you that smile. Learn to laugh even with arguing, and peace will ensue.

Red Bean Dessert

Apologies for the random rambling and lack of a proper Food Review, just look at all the pretty pictures =)

Overall Food Rating: 6.5/10
Restaurant ambiance: 7/10

(Han Palace)
495 Burwood Highway
Vermont South

Tel: (03) 9887 9822