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Let’s try Harry’s on the Esplanade!

One Tuesday morning (it was the morning of Melbourne Cup, hence a public holiday!)… the Boy announced, “Wake up, and let’s go!”… and being groggy from sleep, I didn’t ask where we were going… and when I asked, apparently we were going to Eastland shopping centre… wtf

Obviously not, when we reached our destination (of the very cold and windy esplanade at Phillip Island), I was surprised and thrilled… the Boy is a romantic after all!!

He went to the back of the car, opened the boot and therein I saw, my cable knit sweater and warm winter jacket, packets of chips, cookies and drinks… He had packed a picnic to be had on a boat on the Tasmanian waters…

UNFORTUNATELY, this being Victoria, the weather forecast being erratic as usual, provided us with extremely choppy waters and an “unseaworthy” day…

Fortunately, he had a Plan B! Which was to go and visit “Amaze ‘n’ Things“, a fun family puzzle house and mini golf place (which might come up in another post)…

Pan Fried Local Sting Ray Wings
On Ratatouille with Kipfler Potatoes $25.80

For lunch, he drove back down to the Esplanade and promptly (and confidently) walked into Harry’s On the Esplanade with a huge grin on his face…

Seared Bass Strait Scallops
on a Chervil Sauce with Koo Wee Rup Asparagus with a Glass of Cockfighters Ghost Sauvignon Blanc $24.50

After lunch, we continued our exploration of Phillip Island by visiting the “Nobbies Centre”… but because of the bad weather, there wasn’t any seals to be seen…

But, I had an extremely fun and surprising day… and came home with this fella!

Overall Food Rating: 8/10 (Food was delicious and extremely fresh! Pricing was also much kinder to the wallet than other fancy restaurants you might find at Port Melb or Southbank… however, the drive down here might deter people from coming here)
Restaurant ambiance: 9/10 (You can’t beat dining next to the seaside! Staff were very friendly as well)
Value for money: 7/10


Upper Level 17 The Esplanade
Cowes Phillip Island
Victoria 3922

Reservations: 03 5952 6226

[email protected]

How to get there:

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