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She ate my ate… she at-at-ate my heart…

Cheers!! To the best concert I’ve ever been to. Ever. Period.

It had style, it had oomphed… and GaGa gave us her all… she loves her little monsters!

She opened the concert with Dance in the Dark… techno style…quickly moving on to Glitter and Grease (a new song perchance?)

She also performed Vanity, a song which she wrote 4 years ago…

She performed a lot of songs from her first album (EP Album)… including Money Honey, The Fame (Which is what she’s playing here in her red outfit), Lovegame, Beautiful Dirty Rich and of course the two songs that made her what she is today… Just Dance and Pokerface

She knew exactly how to play the crowd… and gave a tribute to one loyal (stalker) fan who had been to every concert since Lady GaGa’s touchdown in Australia…

That’s the Disco Stick, which she played with, with the crowd…

All the props and videos were brand new, totally different from her first major performance in Australia (being the opening Act for the Pussycat Dolls)

Announced for her Gay Boys to get up and with it.. for Boys Boys Boys

When she performed Lovegame, she demanded that all the boys please to


She told her fans, “That no other Pop star in this world will ever love you as much as I do!”

She performed a beautiful rendition of Brown Eyes and Speechless on the piano

She dressed up as a fairy for So Happy I Could Die

And, Hey! Isn’t that Cousin It??!!!… Nope.. it’s just GaGa performing Monster!

During one of her narratives, she did a full twirl and collapsed on the floor, demanding that we Love her MORE!! Because if not, like Tinkerbell, she would die!

And then told us, she would never forget the day when Beyonce called her! Performing Telephone

Look at that bum!!!!!!!!!

She got back up and performed Alejandro

As her encore… she came out and demanded that we all show her our Teeth!

She sang Paparazzi dressed in a Tinkerbell do… one of the most normal looking outfits she had on that night.

She finished the concert with Bad Romance… and the crowd.. the mad mad costumed dressed crowd went mad and erupted on the floor!

I never wanted the night to end! Goodbye for now GaGa… “you’ve been very very bad… very bad GaGa!”