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I went for an interview today for something else, and something else came up and now I’ve got something!

I also went to Les Boucheries for lunch with Ms Tinymouse and Melbourne Munchkin!

Read about my first time at Les Boucheries!

I love this place and can’t get enough of it.. and getting the new job, justifies the money spent on lunch today… so YIPPEE!!!

I was the first to arrive as I finished my interview early.. and was sitting alone for about 30 mins…

I think the French waiter thought that I made up my “friends”, and I had imaginery friends… I kept assuring him, “But… zey iz comingz… I swearz my soulz upon it!”… Okay, I didn’t but it’d be fun, if I did!

Tentalizing olive bread with fresh butter, cracked pepper and sea salt… *I burnt my fingers on the bun*

It was the first time meeting up with Melbourne Munchkin.. which I find really surprising since I’ve been friends with her sister since the age of 6!

Duck liver parfait, toasted brioche, dried fig & pear chutney

We went for the 2 course lunch again, and I discovered that the prices have increased!… by… hold it… wait for it… wait for it…


$0.50!.. yup… fiddy cents…

Atlantic hot smoked salmon, potato chive pancake, beetroot puree

The menu remained much the same (as in choices, i.e. fish, chicken, beef), but the preparation had changed of course… and it was still just as good *droolz*

Chicken breast, parsnip cream, chorizo sausage, salsa verde

Service was slow as usual (as is the French way)… so even though I got there at 12.20pm and gave our orders (I ordered for everyone first, because we were aware of the wait), the food arrived at 1.10pm along with the girls =)

Chocolate fondant, caramelised banana, banana wafer

Munchkin shared the meal with Ms Tinymouse, and ordered a separate dessert (pictured above), so don’t go expecting to come here and getting extra food…

Baileys creme brulee, sugar crust, home made madeleine’s

Ms Tinymouse had to run back to work, and once again (like the first time), missed out on her coffee…

My not so much flat white, but rather a latte…

Overall Food Rating: 9/10
Restaurant ambiance: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10 (we went with their Lunch special, and not Express Lunch menu, which is cheaper… but it was good value…$29 for a two courses and a choice of drink)

268 Toorak Rd
VIC 3141

03 8256 1636

Fax: 8256 1635

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