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(We were entertained by Jamie’s guests band, the Wonderbrass!)

Ahhhh… Jamie Jamie Jamie.. where do I begin… we knew we were in for a treat, but we didn’t how the night would start. First up, we went there with our tickets for the Floor seats.. 6 row’s from the stage… close enough to jump up and down and get chosen to try, sing, dance, get freebies from the Naked Chef…

And then, Ticketek made a big boo boo… they “accidentally” refunded our tickets and then SOLD our tickets to someone else!!!!! Before I could tear the house down, the marketing manager who was there quickly made a pre-emptive attack (sensing danger!)…

She gave us new Free Tickets.. (But the SEATS were no where near where we should have been, it was front row seats at the side of the arena)… and she said to give her a call should we want to see any other show in Rod Laver or HiSense Arena and she’ll get us the tickets for free!

(The man himself)

Mr. Oliver came out with a Bang!!

He started cooking straight away! First up was a Bacon, Spinach, Scallop dish occasionally cooked with drumsticks (whilst he was drumming).

(Some weirdo who was chosen to go up on stage…)

No where near satisfied by the strange counter offer, we took it and through out the night I felt an overwhelming sense of lost… my emotions were torn between rage and joy… very confusing… It was a fun night (would have been more FUN, if I had my original seats, but I digress)…

(The Rotolo)

Then he ploughed on, cooking a Rotolo of Spinach, Squash (Pumpkin) and Ricotta… a dish which made him what he is today… his very first dish which caught him on camera by a chance whilst working at the famous River cafe.

(The Pizza)

And then he did a stint to prove himself right, and called Pizza Hut and placed an order…. and went on to making a really quick Salami Pizza from scratch… obviously, his pizza was completed before the delivery was made.. although the poor delivery guy was brough on stage (in shock)… and given free signed Jamie cookbooks for being a sport! Images and video clips of Jamie’s ”

Pass it on” campaign were shown and talked about whilst he made Parmesan Chicken Breasts with Crispy Posh Ham

I reckon the 2 best dishes which he presented that night were the Mechoui Lamb with carrot and orange salad and the Chocolate Nemesis (which was cooked on stage by his students, chef’s/member’s of the original Fifteen Melbourne, Vanessa and Ashley (you can see I’m a big fan of Jamie!)

Unfortunately, I can’t post many picture’s up here as he moves around way too much, and thus I can only post the clips up. And the night ain’t over til the Naked one sings… Lamb Curry!!! I loved it from the last show and he did again this time round!! Yayyy!!